Top CMS Compared WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal

Once you publish the page or post, your download link is ready which will link to media attachment page, wordpress optimization you can save it as per your requirement. Now when you create a new post or page, the meta description will automatically use the info you put here. That way, if you publish a blog post and forget to add a snippet, it will just fall back to what you put here.

Have you thought about cross-posting your blog content on Medium? Obviously, this isn’t very desirable for your blog posts. You can still make a small pitch like “Discover dozens of (category) posts here”, but you don’t need to be as stringent since it’s unlikely that this page will pop up frequently in search results. What about your category pages?

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  3. Log in, if you haven’t already, to your WordPress site
  4. Show recent posts of each category
  5. It gives you the facility to combine the social feeds and create limitless social streams

Content Types (check the tabs at the top of the Search Appearance page), you’ll see two drop-downs, one for posts and one for pages. With that, your homepage search results should soon update to show its new meta description. As you can see from the code below, this archives page template would display a search form, archives by month and archives by category. Categories and write up a new one for each individual category archive page.

The great thing about the All in One SEO Pack is that it is fully functional out of the box, requiring very limited configuration, making it great for those new to WordPress and SEO. If you like basing them off a template, you could also paste it here, and it will appear on the editing screen ready to be filled out when you make a new post. There are millions of WordPress fans out there.

There are many firewalls available for WordPress. There are thousands of free modules/plugins provide different functionalities. Right there you’ll see the Homepage section, with the normal editor UI. There are other things too! This is directly because users notice the improved speed of the website and thus their interest is not distracted by pages that are too slow to load.